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ThinkWell Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

ThinkWell Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Product Description

ThinkWell Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was founded with the simple vision of providing Kingston residents access to cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT is arguably the most popular form of psychotherapy among clinicians and the general public alike, and yet in speaking with our community, we know there are still too many barriers to accessing this therapy that works.

Our mission is to remove some of the barriers to getting help, not just by providing access to CBT itself, but also by offering access to the information needed to take the guesswork out of starting therapy. We believe that therapy is an investment of time, energy, and money, and we don’t want the unknown to stop you from taking action. With this goal in mind, we’ve created a website for you to explore and gather the information you need to start picturing—even before you pick up the phone to book your first appointment—how CBT can work for you.

Once you take the next step of connecting with us, we pride ourselves in creating the welcoming, nonjudgmental, and professional environment that allows you to feel safe to fully engage in the therapy process with us. But instead of hooking you with this supportive environment, we are passionate about giving you the tools to become your own therapist—one who has the confidence to say goodbye to us, maintain and keep building on your gains independently, and get back to doing what matters most to you.

You can learn more about our services on our website (https://www.thinkwellcbt.ca/overview-of-services) or by booking a free 15-minute consultation (https://oab.owlpractice.ca/thinkwellcbt).


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