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Adding Your Business

Why Add Your Business?

There are two main reasons for adding your business to Support Kingston.

  1. You will be able to update your listing whenever you want, making it easy for customers to know that you have new business hours, new specials, or new products
  2. You will get FREE Facebook and Instagram advertising for your listing

There are plenty of other lists out there which are helping to spread the word about what businesses are open and what they are offering. But they are static lists and you, as a business owner, have no control over them.

At Support Kingston you control your listing. Update any aspect of your listing whenever you need to, and it will be updated right away on the website.

We are also running free advertising for all the businesses listed at Support Kingston. We are getting the word out there and making sure your business is in front of the customers you need. This is totally free. We are in your corner helping out when you need us!

Claiming Your Business

Before adding your business below, please try a search to see if your business is already listed. If it is, you can follow the instructions below to create an account, and then click the “Claim it now” button on the listing itself to take ownership and update your business information!

How To Add Your Business

If your business isn’t already added, you should sign up and add it! To add your business to Support Kingston you must have a free account with us, so that we can verify that you are the rightful owner of the listing. Simply click the button below to create an account and get started!