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Anna started STRUCKBLOG.com 5 years ago on a complete whim. She was feeling uninspired, lost, and unsure of which direction to go in. But, instead of fixating on what was missing, she opted to direct her attention towards the things that inspired and struck her. By focusing on her passions and sharing them on the blog, she was able to infuse her life with the elements she felt were previously lacking while connecting with others she hoped would be able to relate to her journey in some way.

Now, she has built an online community with a reach of approximately 50 thousand with others who similarly endeavor to create fullness in their lives. She shares what strikes her, creating content on the topics of fashion, travel, beauty, food, and most recently, motherhood. Over the years she has worked with national and international brands including Procter & Gamble Canada, Reebok Canada, and McDonald’s Canada, to name a few.

Anna also worked to further develop her knowledge of marketing that she initially gained through post-secondary education. “I saw my blog as a space where I could test out creative ideas and digital marketing campaigns to further advance my skill set”.

STRUCKBLOG is much more than just a blog now. In addition to developing promotional work as a blogger and influencer, Anna also offers a variety of digital marketing and creative services for brands and business owners. This includes freelance writing, content photography, editorial styling, as well as social media/influencer consulting and management services for businesses who want to dip their toe into the land of influencer marketing.
When she’s not changing diapers, you can bet she’s working, creating, or socializing.


I am a freelance digital marketer, blogger and influencer with a reach of ~50k. I am doing social media consulting, product/service promotional work, event promotion, and freelance writing and content photography for websites/social media. To help small business owners during the Covid-19 global health crisis, STRUCKBLOG is offering 1 hour social media “pick-my-brain” sessions for only $50 CAD. Bring your social media questions and chat with Anna to get the support you need!


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