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Senior Protection

Senior Protection


Product Description

For years, Senior Protection has been a trusted provider of peace-of-mind for seniors across Canada. Our foremost commitment is to deliver an advanced product coupled with exceptional service that consistently surpasses our customers’ expectations.

We recognize that 90% of Canadians aspire to age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes, yet unforeseen accidents and events can often impede this desire. At Senior Protection, we empathize with the challenges seniors face in seeking a harmonious balance between independence and safety. That’s why we offer our Personal Emergency Response System, designed to empower you to relish what truly matters – your family.

Our cutting-edge Personal Emergency Response system features an easily accessible push-button and a user-friendly two-way communication system. With a swift connection to our trained operators, you can rest assured that emergency services will be alerted promptly if needed. Additionally, our system includes GPS alerts and fall detection for added peace of mind.


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