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Phytopür Body & Skincare

Phytopür Body & Skincare


Product Description

The Story Behind Phytopür Body & Skincare

In 2014, I began researching plant-based alternatives for relief of pain and inflammation. After watching friends and family struggle to manage their pain with harmful and often addictive pharmaceuticals, I wanted to help.

Coming from a rural background I had grown up around natural medicines and I was curious about the then-new idea of CBD as an anti-inflammatory and began working with cannabis to activate the CBD and other minor cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants.

After a year and a half of research and development, I brought my new topical product to the same friends and family that had inspired my journey. It worked so well that before long I had people asking me to produce some for their friends.  Not long after that my partner and I released the first cocoa butter solid stick as No Shit (no chemicals, just natural plant compounds).

As I waited for the Canadian cannabis regulations to be released I focused on developing and launching products within the First Nation territories as Planted Products. I enjoyed learning about their culture and building new relationships with the people I met along my sales travels.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to remote territories like the Wasauksing lands outside of Perry Sound, and as far south as Oneida and Six Nations and so many in between.

In the meantime, I began reaching out to investors to help secure Health Canada licensing to launch Planted CBD topicals in the newly opened recreational market but there were so many obstacles to overcome. I started to feel as though I would never overcome the pay to play market that had been created to allow for the big corporations and to squash the little guys like me.

Soon after Covid-19 hit the investors that I had spoken with were scared off by the unknown time frames for licensing that came with the economic crisis and one by one they pivoted towards more solid investments. But I didn’t let that stop me.

I knew that it wasn’t just the CBD in my formulas that gave people relief. My products were different than the others because I had developed the products to include helpful terpenes and omega fatty acids from everyday plants like peppermint, sweet orange, arnica, and wintergreen. So I turned my focus to learning all I could about plants from around the world that had been giving people relief for centuries. I studied ancient Chinese and East Indian medicinal herbs and began developing a new product for the Canadian cosmetic industry.

Phytopür (pure plants) Body & Skincare was born.

Today we offer our massage oil filled with natural terpenes and fatty acids known for centuries to be helpful when struggling with pain and inflammation. Coming from the Cannabis space with the knowledge of the human endocannabinoid system and how our bodies absorb and use these compounds gave me a huge advantage over others who are now just discovering the importance of plant terpenes for our bodies.

Not only are we able to bring you an all-natural blend of the most soothing pure plant oils but we are committed to taking care of the planet with recyclable packaging and the animals as none of our suppliers use animals for testing and we do not use animal bi-products or fill the bottle up with useless water, alcohol or extra carrier oils.

I am proud of the little company we have created that offers everyone affordable, effective relief while staying true to marketing transparency, the planet, and the animals that inhabit the world around us. I can’t wait to share more products with you in the future.

Phytopür Body & Skincare is a proudly Canadian company owned and operating in Kingston, Ontario.


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