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Lori Parish Fine Art

Lori Parish Fine Art


Product Description

Lori has been creative her whole life, always colouring, drawing, and constructing things to play with as a youngster. She then began expressing her creativity through gardening, gourmet cooking, decorating and of course painting

Lori was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario then moved around Eastern Ontario before settling in beautiful Kingston.

Although she was discouraged from a full time art career by family, and followed other pursuits as a younger adult, Lori never lost her thirst and passion for painting. So for many years she fit painting in when there was time and began showing and selling her work in the 1990’s. Lori has been a full-time professional artist since 2016 and continues to evolve her style and purpose.

Lori’s abstract paintings come from a place deeper than/beyond thought and serve to express pure energy, while striving to represent our true, essential nature of Consciousness. Working intuitively and spontaneously, a reflection of how Lori lives her life, her works emerge and they speak a language of connection; a language beyond words.


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