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K&Y Law P.C

K&Y Law P.C


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K & Y Law – About Us

The lawyers at K&Y Law offer a number of valuable legal services to our clients in the greater Toronto area. Our family lawyers represent clients who are divorcing or disputing over child custody, child support, or spousal support. If you own a business or have a family, we provide personalized estate planning advice and guidance to meet your needs. We also offer Toronto-area businesses legal services including trademark registration and advice about contracts. Our real estate lawyers at K&Y Law advise and guide clients who are making real estate transactions, and we also offer mortgage fee consulting and mortgage litigation advice.

If you are divorcing or legally separating, you must be represented by a lawyer with considerable family law experience. A good divorce lawyer will address all of your concerns, answer all of your questions, and guide you through every step of the divorce or separation process. If you need a Toronto family lawyer to help you with a child custody dispute, a child support dispute, or a spousal support dispute, call the offices of K&Y Law promptly at 416-769-4107. We also prepare prenuptial agreements for couples who are planning to marry and postnuptial agreements – which are comparable to prenuptial agreements – for couples who are already married.

Business owners in the greater Toronto area trust K&Y Law for help with business matters that include incorporation, copyright and trademark registration, and intellectual property protection. If you become involved in a business-related legal dispute, or if you need advice regarding contracts, employment law, liability, or another business-related legal concern, a Toronto business lawyer with K&Y Law can provide the reliable legal advice and services that can help your business thrive even in tough economic times. Let a K&Y business lawyer be your advisor and guide to complicated business laws and compliance practices.

An Ontario estate planning lawyer at K&Y Law can help you effectively protect what’s important to you – your business, your assets, and your loved ones. With offices in Toronto and Thornhill, K & Y Law will help you understand wills, trusts, and probate. An estate planning lawyer can set up a personalized, effective estate plan that protects your business and estate and offers your family financial security for years to come. If you need a will, a living trust, or a comprehensive plan that includes several estate planning documents, an estate planning lawyer at K&Y Law will explain the details and guide you through each step of the planning process.

In a real estate transaction, you cannot overlook a detail or make a mistake, but a Toronto real estate lawyer with K&Y Law can ensure that your real estate purchase or sale complies with the law, that it poses no risk to your long-term best interests, and that you are satisfied with the entire process. We provide comprehensive legal services to individuals, families, and businesses in the greater Toronto area, and we offer creative, affordable legal solutions. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call the Toronto offices of K & Y Law at 416-769-4107.

K & Y Law


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