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Imperial Painting KFLA

Imperial Painting KFLA


Product Description

Need some interior and exterior painting projects done in Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, Ottawa, Napanee, Gananoque, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington area? Or maybe you just constructed a new home, residential building, office or commercial building and you need professional painters to work on your Interior and Exterior, Commercial and Residential Painting projects? or Cabinets Painting or Deck/Fence staining services? Imperial Painting KFLA is your first and best option with affordable prices!

We know you want a trusted company to do professional-quality work, finish on time, and leave everything fresh and clean. You want a beautiful home, and a great interior painting job is part of it.

Hard to get places – Painting walls and ceilings, including high areas such as two-story foyers.

Surface preparation
Properly priming and painting woodwork such as doors, baseboards, and windowsills.

Texture matching
Skillfully matching existing textures where needed (such as patched holes) to make them invisibly blend in to the surrounding wall or ceiling.

Complimentary One-Hour Annual Touch-Up Service
We will come once a year for one hour and touch up any walls we have previously painted, in areas that are reachable without a ladder. Call or email us for more details!

Your satisfaction is our first priority!
We understand your requirements and let you customize based on your budget and project’s needs:

Residential Pressure Washing
Have your home detailed with a complete house washing & pressure cleaning. A clean home is more inviting plus it feels great to come home to a freshly cleaned home. Maintaining your home with a periodic pressure cleaning and house washing will also prolong the life of your exterior surfaces, increase your home’s value, safeguard against dangerous odors, and eliminate moldy slippery flooring.

Commercial Pressure Washing
Commercial Pressure Washing is a vital part of maintaining your commercial property for appearance, safety, and to help prolong the life of your property’s surfaces. Appearances are everything! Clients and staff prefer to do business in a clean & sanitized environment. Also, maintaining clean exterior flooring can prevent very costly slip and fall lawsuits against your liability insurance policy.

Deck and Fence Cleaning
Clean & Restore Your Deck & Fence with beauty and Precision!

Our decks and fences are beautiful things when kept clean and protected from the elements. At Imperial Painting, we consider pressure washing wood an art of precision. Cleaning wood is our specialty and we use only the exact amount of pressure.

Both wood and composite surfaces are delicate and can be damaged with too much pressure. Make sure to have an experienced deck pressure washing company tackle the cleaning of your most valuable assets.

Gutter Cleaning Services
Best Way to Protect Your Home Against Flooding & Water Damage

Clogged Gutters Will Wreck Your Home
Gutter cleaning is one of the most important maintenance projects of home ownership. If you neglect your gutters it will cost you in structural damage and expensive repairs.

Gutter cleaning and repair is also crucial for controlling bugs and other pests near your home.

The Imperial Cleaning & Painting KFLA gutter cleaning process is simple. We show up with proper safety equipment, clean and remove debris from your gutters, bag it up and flush the downspouts to ensure clean and free-flowing gutters.

When sticks, leaves, birds’ nests, and other debris collect in your gutters, you unknowingly have created the perfect habitat for troublesome pests. The benefits of maintaining your gutters are abundant. From reduced probability of flooding to less insects and bugs and protection of your landscape, gutters are a primary service you cannot avoid.


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