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Burning Grill Korean Cuisine

Burning Grill Korean Cuisine


Product Description

We are Burning Grill Korean Cuisine. Burning Grill is a family-owned restaurant owned by David and Tina Kim. Burning Grill first opened in December of 2019. The restaurant was not open long before the pandemic started but as a team, we continue to do everything we can to deliver the best meals possible to you.

David is the head chef who works alongside his small team of 2 other kitchen members to deliver fantastic food to our customers. Everyday our chefs work to prepare meals in better and bigger ways. The restaurant is run on home recipes and fresh foods. Using a variety of fresh Korean ingredients, the restaurant always puts the quality of their food first to make the customer experience better.

Tina is always working in the front, back and office area to keep the restaurant going. Tina is definitely the motor to this restaurant and makes everything run smoothly, you will often see her connecting with customers and creating great memorable connections with each and every one of the tables she assists.

Some of our top-selling dishes include our fresh Korean fried chicken that is cut, battered and sauced with our own recipe. The recipe has been tested and altered many times to give customers the best crunch and flavour! Our Bulgogi with rice dishes gives customers a great taste of Korean food. The Bulgogi is made of a thinly sliced beef belly marinated in a beautiful sweet sauce.

Burning Grill also offers dishes to be cooked at the table such as large hotpots and Korean BBQ. The experience of cooking your own meat at our table grills really transports customers into another world!

During the pandemic is has been difficult for everyone including Burning Grill but, we appreciate all the support and love that we are receiving from our valued customers! Whether you order online or dine in we appreciate you! Since the restaurant has re-opened for our dine-in experience it has been lovely to see all of our customers again! We hope to see you soon and thank you again for supporting Burning Grill through these difficult times!


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