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Allied Insurance Services Inc

Allied Insurance Services Inc


Product Description

Experienced Allied Insurance Services is a seasoned insurance provider that has a serious concern for the economic safety of your dwelling and takes a strong interest in the matter. Our local agent will either come to visit you or provide assistance so as to ensure adequate coverage for all members of your family. This assistance can be provided in the form of face-to-face meetings or by utilizing telephone conversations; all locations across British Columbia remain open until 9 o’clock every night; this policy applies no matter where you are located!

Are you thinking about purchasing weekend or after-hours auto insurance through Autoplan? If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, Allied Insurance Services is the company you should go with if you want to purchase auto insurance from Autoplans. We are available every day of the week and have five locations in Surrey that are easily accessible; in addition, there is one location that is located within Burnaby/New Westminster.


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