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Jackie Bristow Psychotherapy

Jackie Bristow Psychotherapy


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Welcome to Jackie Bristow Psychotherapy, where we provide online psychotherapy at affordable prices. We offer both virtual services and phone sessions to help meet your mental health and wellness needs.

Hello! My name is Jackie Bristow and I am licensed by the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) to work with adults (18+) and my areas of special interest include: anxiety disorders, depression, trauma & PTSD, eating disorders, chronic stress & burnout, communication issues, self-esteem, ADHD and OCD. I offer many different evidence-based contemporary therapies, including somatic processing therapy where we learn to connect and understand the emotions behind physical sensations and pain.

I strive to offer you undivided attention, non-judgmental guidance and support, as well as unconditional positive regard, as it is not my place to make choices for you, offer advice or judge your actions. Only you know what is best for you and I am just here to guide you towards that.

Some goals I have worked on with clients are: leaving a toxic job or relationship, learning self-compassion to improve self-esteem, labeling emotions as that begets better emotional control, improving communication skills, decreasing obsessions, processing past traumatic memories or grief and learning how to relax and be present despite one’s circumstances.


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